Taking stupid out of



Supporting education for all - not just some.


Help where help is needed

We want to give you the tools to help your child. Dyscalculia is no joke - but if you get an early diagnosis and understand how your child sees numbers then you can avoid a lot of future heart ache.

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Supplying you with tools that will transform.

We have taken real life struggles and challenges that many parents face and created life changing tools that will help you overcome those massive learning hurdles.

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From super dumb to super hero!

Where there are weaknesses there are always strengths. We create awareness and recognition of how a dyscalculia brain can be great!

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Answering questions you might have.

All of this can be tricky to wrap your head around. We are here to speak to you in real language - give you real guidance and real solutions.

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Today’s losers.
Tomorrow’s superheroes.

Teach dyscalculia kids the right way and they will learn. Teach them how amazing their special brains really are and they will do more.



We are dedicated to change.


The time has come for people and parents to stand up all over the world and shout out - “We don’t all learn the same!!!” Just because some don’t learn like all doesn’t mean their stupid - it simply means we need to provide a way of learning that all brains can understand. We also want to make learning a fun place to be and not the headache and brain strain it currently is.