Dyscalculia Help For Adults

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Dyscalculia is bloody annoying in adult life, our world is practically built around numbers. The great news is you can change! Your brain has the ability to grow throughout life, this is called NEUROPLASTICITY. So it’s never too late to start learning and here we will discuss what Dyscalculia help for adults is available.

Try the below solutions to change your life and see what amazingness you can achieve today. Having trouble in the workplace? Read some helpful workplace solutions here.

Problem : Difficulty remembering basic facts

Solution : Swap 5 mins of social media for sorting out your maths problems. Look at our 7 Day funny maths program to start improving your maths anxiety.

The most important thing you need to know are your Times Table and Dividing facts. I know they are impossible to remember for those that suffer from Dyscalculia (I know - I have Dyscalculia) but you muddle through somehow but imagine how INTELLIGENT you would feel if YOU were the one splitting the bill at the end of the night at the restaurant, if you weren’t terrified when a boss or friend asked you a maths question!

Try Table Fables which uses FUNNY animations to teach times tables and dividing. We have helped so many, the young and not so young. Table Fables transforms the way you feel about maths. Give it a go!

Start NOW not tomorrow.



Problem : Slow to work out calculations

Solution : Talk to friends about your number dyslexia issues.

Make fun of yourself and tell them that you need to grow this part of the brain so from now on you need to be the one splitting the bill.

Don’t let anyone help you, it may take a bit longer but use mental arithmetic and your times tables you learnt on www.tablefable.net and you will get there.

You will feel like a superhero after you have done it a couple of times, I promise.


Problem : Difficulty counting backwards

Dyscalculia help for adults : This isn’t a massive problem in life unless you are an astronaut! However if you exercise this area of your brain then other areas of your mental maths will massively improve.

Eg: stretching for an athlete won’t make them faster but it will make sure they don’t get injured so they can run faster.

It’s the same with maths, stretch this area of your brain and your mental arithmetic will become faster.


When walking to work start this game at the same spot everyday : count backwards from 100 and see how far you get before you get muddled. Keep doing it every day until you get faster and more accurate. Your aim is to be counting backwards from 100 - 0 so you are very fast and very accurate. You can record your time by how far you have managed to walk.

Once you have mastered this, challenge a so called ‘Normal’ brained person to see if you can do it faster than them.


Problem : Weak mental arithmetic

Dyscalculia help for adults : Make sure you have your times table and dividing skills down. Next we need to put them into practice.


Ask your friends how much they spend in a month on food. Now multiply that by 12 and see how much they spend in a year.

It’s a great game for being nosy about how much people spend on food. It might also inspire you to cut down your food bill and save some money, not something those who suffer from Dyscalculia are known for!



Ask your friends how much they pay in rent or mortgage a month.

Again multiply that by 12 and work out how much it is costing them a year.

If you are paying too much rent, club together and buy a flat/ house to share!!



Look at two number plates, ignore the letters and look at the numbers. Now add them together. Eg 694 GAH & 551 FRE

Now add the 694 + 551

“How the hell do I do that!!” I hear you cry.

Helpful hint : I always thought when doing mental maths you had to start adding from 👉 right hand of numbers as you do with a write calculation.

However when someone enlightened me (thank you Steph) that it’s way easier to count from the LEFT 👈 when doing mental maths, Life became a lot easier.

Below is my thought process :

694 + 551

1. Take the LEFT numbers 6 + 5 = 11

Now you have  1100 in your head.

2. Take the MIDDLE number 9 + 5 = 14

Now you have to add the two middle 1’s together and you have 124 in your head

eg 1100

+ 140



3. Last take the RIGHT hand number 4 +1 = 5

Now you add the 5 to the end of the sum and it makes 1245

Jesus, hope that hasn’t completely thrown you but it works for me!

  • Recap : Start at the far left 👈 number when doing mental addition don’t start at the right.

Now you’ve practiced and mastered those. Look at Dyscalculia Help For Adults part 2