Our Vision.

How to help Dyscalculia

Caring about the quality and effectiveness of the Education that children receive is at the heart of what we do. We believe there is masses of room for change within our schools curriculums and how to help children with Dyscalculia.

The way we teach hasn’t changed for many many years. PRINCE Ea expresses so much of what we believe to be true about the education system. And hell yeah! We wanna do something about it!

“If you judge a FISH by it’s ability to climb a TREE it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

The same goes for teaching kids maths in a way some can’t understand - they too will believe they’re stupid. If we had the same outlook on Dyslexia as we currently have on Dyscalculia, thousands of children would be unable to read. Blows our mind that the same attention isn’t given to learning difficulties with Maths. We rob our kids of the world of mathematics and we close so many doors.

At Dyscalculia.me we want to provide useful and powerful solutions to help those who can’t learn with the accepted methods. We help one kid - we have done our job. :) Creating awareness and creating change is our vision.