Dyscalculia tools - helpful strategies

Here are some Dyscalculia tools and tips that can really help. Once you understand how a dyscalculia brain works it becomes evident why some simple changes can make a massive difference. Hope you enjoy these Dyscalculia tools and helpful strategies.


Use Graph Paper


Dyscalculia tools No.1 : Graph Paper

This might sound really basic - but sometimes the obvious doesn’t always stare us in the face. Dyscalculia minds can be a bit messy when it comes to laying out their number work - making it easier for their work to stay nice and neat will help create less confusion.



Dyscalculia tools No.2 : Coloured Pens

Use different coloured pens for different operations - red for +, green for -, blue for ÷ (think you get the picture)  


Use references


Dyscalculia tools No.3 : Reference sheet

Use reference sheets for math facts, rules, vocab and sequences that make sense to you. Create them yourself or use generic ones.

Dyscalculia tools No.5 : Times Tables & Dividing.

Make sure your child has a solid grasp of their Times Tables & Dividing - they will thank you for the rest of their lives. Learning your multiplication facts doesn’t need to reduce them to tears, with sites like Table Fables they will laugh, learn & earn money.

Talk through..


Dyscalculia tools No.4 : Talking

Talk through math problems so their ears can hear. Say the math processes and reasoning out loud. (Don’t worry - we won’t think your nuts) ;)