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Rebecca Staniforth
Creator and Founder

Ph: +44 (0)7549405775

All my life I have felt stupid - despite creating some amazing TV programs and becoming an award winning director and producer. Why? Because I am wonderfully Dyslexic and number Dyslexic (Dyscalculia) and school was a constant struggle of failure despite appearing intelligent and switched on. It wasn't until I watched my own children struggle with similar issues did I realise how much it was effecting their self confidence and had effected mine (I have never once asked for a pay rise as never felt I deserved it!!!) - I wanted to change that for my children and millions like them. All my life I have loved playing stupid games that make people laugh and finally there was a way to combine that with teaching. This is at the source of all our ideas and teaching. If children are laughing they will learn. It’s that simple.


Marni Spicer
Co-Creator and Founder & Coach

Ph: +44 (0)7549405775
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The most important part of our business to me is that I can help people regain their Maths confidence. Reframing how you FEEL about Maths and proving to yourself that you can learn are the first important steps . Here begins your better relationship with something that literally exists in everything around us. Maths IS important.

Helping children gain a positive relationship with maths through Table Fables at the start of their journey prevents multiple learning problems down the road. The fact that I can make their relations smoother - or even be at the start of their glorious journey with mathematics is an absolute thrill.