It’s amazing, for my daughter it was as if a switch had been turned on suddenly she just ‘got it’ and then she was off!!
— - Facebook review - Lucy Hicks (Mum)
This an incredible concept! After moving from South Africa to the UK, my 9 year old missed out on the foundation stages of Timetables, after trying many different ways to try catch up Table Fables ‬is by far the best way! My son now loves learning his timetables - even hums & sings as he works! I cannot thank you enough!
— Facebook review - Felicity Lotter (Mum)

What is Table Fables?

Table Fables is revolutionising how children learn and recall times tables and dividing by tapping into children’s love of stories to unlock visual learning. Numbers spring to life as humorous characters on funny adventures in a dynamic new world filled with hilarious mishaps – the best memory hook for children.

We guarantee no more tears or tantrums learning times tables, plus you can win £££ and prizes.

All kids (and adults) can learn with this method and that is what is so brilliant about this process.


How does it work?

Table Fables increases your child's maths confidence to superhero levels, and eliminates the pain of feeling stupid. Table Fables works by igniting your child's imagination on a deeper level, and really engaging their brains to learn, rather than simply giving up. Table Fables’ quirky animations and hilarious stories are easy to retain, understand and recall. It's that simple.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our incredible feedback


Why Table Fables?

Research shows that as your child gains confidence with their times tables, this positively affects all areas of their learning.

Try our interactive 17-day challenge learning the fun way, and your child can master all their multiplication and dividing.

What’s more your child has the chance to win £50 cash prize, and surprise VIP prizes every month.

Sign-up today and supercharge your child’s self-esteem. It’s that easy to stop the pain and embarrassment often associated with learning the times tables.