Who are we?


Our Founder - Rebecca Ginger - has had children with Dyscalculia of her very own (Awwwwwww). When her bundles of joy started school, it soon became glaringly obvious that 2 of her children were just not getting maths or anything to do with numbers at all! At the time (only 5 years ago) there wasn’t much in the way of information, diagnosis or solutions and this caused masses of anxiety and frustration on her part and a tonne of tears and tantrums from her kids. Lucky for us, Rebecca is also Dyslexic and Dyscalculia which means she has been given the gift of a creative brain, (Hoorah!!!) This meant that Rebecca was not going to be defeated by her new found realisation - no way! Instead she set about creating TABLE FABLES, sky rocketing her own kids maths learning through the stratosphere and then providing a way to help and share with others. She also built this site to help other parents like her, learn and understand Dyscalculia. A true stay at home Mum Champion!

For me - the greatest gift I get every day is knowing that I have helped prevent countless parents from the struggles and pain I went through on a daily basis for so many years! There was honestly nothing out there to help me help my kids, and that is the most exhausting and draining feeling in the world, feeling stuck and unable to help!
— Rebecca Ginger - said a while ago but always thinking it!

Our other founding member - Marni Spicer - was unfortunately not blessed with kids with Dyscalculia (she just got the plain old neurotypical variety - YAWN) and instead is deeply passionate about helping prevent low self esteem and maths anxiety in all people, especially children. Coming from an IT and Graphic Design background and in more recent years life coaching, she discovered Rebeccas Table Fables and helped her develop it into a reality. She also has founded and developed dyscaluclia.me alongside Rebecca and hopes more than anything to bring awareness and help to parents and peeps who need it.

Nothing upsets me more than witnessing children not being able to reach their full potential because the education system does not teach the fundamental building blocks in a way all kids can understand. Watching kids unnecessarily become more anxious and feeling more and more stupid when this is not the case, is unacceptable. To think our education departments ALLOW this to happen is INFURIATING. This needs to change. The way we teach needs to change.
— - Marni Spicer - constantly plagued and infuriated by this reality.