Dyscalculia Treatment - early intervention


My mother in law gave me ONE piece of GREAT ADVICE when my son was diagnosed dyslexic, “Early intervention”. This advice was passed on by her dyslexic specialist friend who said EARLY INTERVENTION was ESSENTIAL and boy, was she correct. I did seek help for my son but only ONCE a week and it wasn’t enough.

Only when I found a place called ‘Lindamood Bell’ and enrolled him on their highly intensive daily routine, did things finally click into place and he began to start reading. However this is a VERY expensive and time consuming option but it does work for Dyslexic children but what about Dyscalculia treatment?

Dyscalculia treatment

The same is true for Dyscalculia, the EARLIER you do something about it the EASIER it is for the child. Early intervention means all the pain, fear, anxiety and mess that Dyscalculia can cause will be avoided. And daily intervention is better than once a week! Try sites like Table Fables which has an inbuilt 17 day challenge, which if completed children win money and bucket loads of confidence.

DID YOU KNOW : Our brains have the ability to reorganise itself to form new neural connections THROUGHOUT life. It’s called NEUROPLASTICITY. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for things that don’t work properly.

Eg : This means you CAN connect neurons to turn a Dyscalculia sufferer into someone who CAN cope with maths. They develop brain strategies to efficiently improve the difficulties associated with dyscalculia.

However if you don’t do anything about Dyscalculia it will NOT improve and LIFE will get HARDER for the sufferer. As children grow up and maths lessons get more complicated and more mental maths is required in adulthood, sufferers self confidence and sense of worth will continually be challenged way more the average person, so don’t leave Dyscalculia treatment until they are teenagers, tackle the problems earlier and life will be so much easier.

I speak from experience, having suffered the difficulties of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia all my life. Everyday events that ‘normal’ people find easy and don’t take up mental space becomes complicated and challenging to those with dyscalculia finding everyday incredibly challenging, mental arithmetic, reading 24hr clocks, budgeting, driving and planning.

It’s also demoralising and difficult not knowing your basic skills and believing you are stupid. When in fact your IQ levels can be very high but will grow larger with Dyscalculia treatment.


The earlier the Dyscalculia child can learn the necessary tools to help them adapt to a new learning process, the more likely they are to avoid learning delays, SELF- ESTEEM PROBLEMS and other more serious disorders.

If their Addition, Times Tables and Dividing are really SOLID life in maths lessons become so much easier to cope with and even PLEASURABLE!

The trick to helping Dyscalculia sufferers is getting them to learn in a different way, we recommend www.tablefables.net which uses animation and funny stories to teach Addition, Times Tables and Dividing.

They can learn everything in 17 days using Table Fables and their new found knowledge will give them HUGE CONFIDENCE not only in maths but in life as finally they know they can overcome their issues using different methods.


TEach your child their tables and they will do the rest!

One thing we know for sure is that children who know their multiplication and division and feel confident with their times tables do better at maths. Many schools don’t teach times table recall and if they do it’s probably taught in a way your child won’t understand. Table Fables have built the perfect solution for you. Learning tables through funny animations and stories with in built incentives. Try if for free first.