Dyscalculia Test For Adults

straight off the bat - you are not an idiot - you’re probably a genius! If you have found ways to cope in society on your own with dyscalculia, than you are an inspiration to us all! it’s not easy. we would love to hear from you and learn some of the ways you’ve learnt to cope with maths in society. share your secrets and you can help others. If you are still not sure then take this dyscalculia test for adults

Dyscalculia Test For Adults


This short dyscalculia Test For Adults might help you - we’re not scientists but how you answer these questions will give you a good idea.

Do you always find mental maths a complete headache. Run a mile when it’s time to work out tipping or splitting the bill in restaurants?
Have complete nightmare trying to write down telephone numbers unless they are said REALLY SLOWLY….... As for addresses and directions they go out your head as soon as you are told them?
You can often getting Telling the Time wrong! OR use fingers to work out what 19:00hr is!
Are you often late or miss appointments/ events?
Rubbish at estimating how long it will take you to get somewhere, even if you’ve done the trip a thousand times before.
Do you find remembering Times Tables, Dividing impossible?
Budgeting, Finances and money are often wildly wrong?
Reading a long list of numbers can often go wrong or you have to repeat numerous times?
Who invented graphs and charts. They are impossible!
Why oh why do I always run out of time when completing tasks or deadline. Where did time go?
What the hell was I looking for again! You misplace things around the house lots or get lost in familiar areas?
Dance steps or remembering sequences are impossible?
Your maths anxieties are VERY HIGH and you will do anything to avoid. As for discuss company quarterly figures you’d rather clean the office toilets than attend the meeting.

Result time - as you probably guessed, if you answered mostly YES in this Dyscalculia Test for Adults then you probably do have Dyscalculia. Now don’t panic and run for the hills (or hit the bottle) because you have learning issues, all the best people do : from Leonardo Di Vinci to Jennifer Aniston to Steven Spielberg, you are in good company. The most important thing to do now is start changing your brain by making new brain pathways and scientist have discovered you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thank you for taking the Dyscalculia test for adults but now what!! Have a look at our resources and ideas on our site that will help you grow that brain.

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We hope this Dyscalculia Test for Adults was helpful and the start of your journey to find some solutions.

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