Dyscalculia in Adults - Checklist

Dyscalculia Checklist - in the workplace


Dyscalculia checklist in the workplace
  • Looking stupid in front of colleagues : You might break into a sweat and feel very anxious when asked unexpected maths related questions at work.

  • In trouble with Finance Department : You are always the one who doesn’t hand expenses in or has problems keeping track of work (& home) expenses. Even when you do them they are often wrong.

  • In trouble with the BOSS : Planning, Time keeping. You always run out of time and frequently fail to plan enough.

  • Errors and mistakes make you look incompetent : Skip or miss read when reading a long list of numbers on a spreadsheet.

  • Slow at completing tasks compared to colleagues : Who invented Excel formulas they are SO complicated and difficult to understand.

  • Embarrassing moments : Fingers are still used frequently to work out times, adding numbers or other daily activities. Or you have to write all maths problems down. Colleagues think you are simple!

  • Frustration and panic : Why do I repeatedly get different answers to problems even if I’ve used a calculator! Aaaargh Numbers!!

Dyscalculia Checklist in the workplace

If these dyscalculia symptoms sound familiar, you will already know the pitfalls and problems you face daily.

However because you are probably of above intelligence you have figured ways around these issues eg Work harder, nicer to the boss, get help from colleagues with things that are problematic etc etc.

At Dyscalculia.me we are trying to find solutions to these problems so we can make your life less stressful. If you have any great ideas or tips please contact us. New ways for Dyscalculia minds to learn are being thought up and created by people like you. How you’ve managed to cope with Dyscalculia on a daily basis needs to be shared - so please - don’t be shy.

We believe people with Dyscalculia have Super Powers because their brains are formed differently from other people. So rather than teachers or academics who have never experienced our issues we believe we have the power to FIND SOLUTIONS.

If we are taught in a different way things will make sense. Put those brains to use and let’s invent new ways to teach the next generation of Dyscalculia children.

Look at www.tablefables.net for new ways to teach children and teenagers their times tables and dividing techniques. Spread the word and lets make future generations of Dyscalculia children’s lives easier.