Pre-schoolers with Dyscalculia 

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When our kids are young it’s often hard to know if they have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or Dyscalculia (Maths Dyslexia) or if they are just late developers. All children develop at different stages, some can grasp concepts of language and maths very early while others take a little longer, but this can all be within the realms of “normal”. However - there can be some fairly obvious signs as listed in our pre-schoolers symptoms of Dyscalculia section.

If you feel or sense that something isn’t quite right when it comes to learning numbers than it would be well worth your while to find out for sure. Early intervention and helping using the right language to help your child learn in a way they can understand, will save you and them hours of frustration and tears. Rebecca has raised 2 kids herself with Dyscalculia, the reason for why this site was created and why she created Table Fables. Becky knows that if she discovered her kids Dyscalculia earlier and found some knowledge and tools to help, life would have been much easier! Read more about Rebeccas story.