FIRSTLY! Your child is not stupid - even though they’re made to feel stupid! they simply have a brain that works differently which needs to be taught in a different way. Take this Dyscalculia test on line to see.

Dyscalculia Test Online - for pre-school kids who struggle with math.

We also have Dyscalculia tests online for children, teenagers and adults


DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE DYSCALCULIA OR DYSCALCIA (or whatever its called!!) Who came up with that name?

Dyscalculia TEST online (You must answer all questions truthfully otherwise the boggey man will come and pick your nose!)

When you ask your child a maths questions do they :
If your answer is D I suggest you don’t continue with this DYSCALCULIA TEST ONLINE and go over to
If you asked your child do they get anxious when doing their Time Table Test. What would be their answer?
If your answer is D what are you still doing on this DYSCALCULIA TEST ONLINE? Go and do something more productive!
When you ask your child what the times is. Do they answer :
Answer D - I told you to sod off, why are you still here!
If your child tries to add 43 + 97 do they :
Answer D - One word for you ‘Show off’ - whoops that’s two words but you know what I mean. GO AWAY
Does your child misplace objects around the house or get lost in familiar areas?
Answer D - You are really starting to annoy me now. Please leave this Dyscalculia test online.
Can your child learn dance moves or remember a sequence of instructions?
Answer D - I’m now lost for words.
Do you think your child is stupid or needs a new way of learning?
Answer D - there is help out there and they can get over their maths anxiety, Dyscalculia, Number Dyslexia or whatever you want to call it. Start as EARLY as possible and the problems won’t build up.
If you had a broken arm you wouldn’t say I’ll wait a couple of years and then fix it. You’d fix it ASAP. Don’t delay - get help now and all will be sunshine, unicorns and flying elephants. Ok it won’t - but your child will be bursting with enthusiasm to learn.
If you answered A or B to the questions above there is a high probability your child has Dyscalculia.: END OF DYSCALCULIA TEST ONLINE