Maths Anxiety Test - 5 day solution plan


Maths anxiety kicks in from very early childhood but it can easily be stopped with a few simple adjustments. If you have maths anxiety don’t let your child suffer the same stress. Maths anxiety can be easily past on or can simply develop on its own if your child suffers from Dyscalculia.

If you teach using pictures and stories rather than numbers the maths anxiety fades away to be replaced with new found confidence and happiness when approaching mathematics.


If the answers to below Maths Anxiety Test questions are ‘YES’ then you probably do have maths anxiety. DO NOT WORRY, we are here to help.

Years of maths stress, anxiety and fear can be avoided if approached in a new way. See the solutions below.

  1. Maths lessons are RUBBISH. You would do anything for the teacher not to ask you a question.

  2. If the teacher did ask you a question you’d nearly pee your pants with fright as your answer would always be WRONG.

  3. Times Table tests were/ are a weekly reminder of how RUBBISH you were at maths and how everyone else was brilliant.

  4. You never ask questions in math lessons because the teacher's explanation would NEVER make sense.

  5. You ZONE OUT in maths lessons because nothing makes sense, easier to zone out than try and get everything wrong.

  6. You have NIGHTMARES about the teacher asking you to come to the board and work out a maths problem.

  7. You understand bits of maths but trying to put it all together somehow you PANIC and everything goes wrong.

  8. Maths tests are your biggest FEAR.

  9. “How the hell do you study for a math test?” Maths REVISION doesn’t make sense.

  10. In maths lessons things make sense but once HOME it’s like you never attended the class “I don’t remember anything!!!!”


So why do you suffer maths anxiety and what can you do about it?

According to research from the University of Minnesota, “Once the fear pathways are ramped up, the brain short-circuits more rational processing paths.” Eg, when you are scared all rational thought, goes out the window! So in math classes as soon as you get scared no longer can you think about anything in a rational way.

However, there is an exercise called ‘Fear Extinction’ which is a process of overcoming a fear memory. All you have to do is replace horrible thoughts with good ones.


Do the 5 DAY PLAN and life will be better.

Before you start - Complete the below sums on the correct day before you do the suggested task for that day and then complete the equations again after. By day 5 you WILL see a massive improvement.


IT’S ONLY FOR 5 DAYS and you’ll see huge improvements

DAY 1 - Repeat to yourself 10 x “I love Maths, I love Maths, I love Maths” - you will not really believe this but repeat it anyway as it will send signals to the brain that will reduce fear. Do this once in the morning and once at night.

DAY 2 - Repeat to yourself 10 x “My maths brain is growing and I WILL be BRILLIANT at MATHS” - again you won’t believe it but that doesn’t matter. Your unconscious brain will hear and believe it. Do this once in the morning and once at night.

Day 3 - You need to be REALLY SOLID with your basic math principles.

Sign up to a website that will help you practice Times Tables and Dividing. We recommend Table Fables as it takes ALL FEAR out of learning maths as it uses animation and comedy stories (including farts and poops) to teach. Replace 10 mins of social media OR “Netflix and chill” time with 10 mins of Times Table & Dividing. It’s been proven that maths is easier when you can easily recall basic facts.

Day 4 - Repeat to yourself 10 x “I’m brilliant at maths” then do below maths multiplication and dividing sums as FAST as possible. Note your time. Do 10 more minutes of practice at Table Fables. Practice the 6, 7 and 8 times tables and dividing.

Day 5 - Repeat to yourself 10 x “I’m brilliant at maths’. Then do below maths multiplication and dividing sums as FAST as possible. Note your time!!

If you have done all the steps you will have IMPROVED. If not repeat again for another 5 days. Remember to BIG YOURSELF UP - even if you don’t believe it the action of repeating a mantra to yourself that you are good at maths (or anything else) will mean you improve. MIND OVER MATTER really does WORK.

We hope this Maths Anxiety Test has helped you.

Good luck and have fun.



Day 1 - remember to time yourself.

35 64 87 84 56 42 24

x 7 x3 x9 ÷7 ÷ 8 x6 ÷6


Day 2 - remember to time yourself.

89 35 26 38 108 72 66

x4 x5 x12 x3 ÷12 ÷ 8 x8


Day 3 -  remember to time yourself.

78 63 45 72   56 47 28

x 7 x3 x9 ÷ 9 ÷ 7 x6 x8


Day -  remember to time yourself.

98 53 36 83 108 49 88

x4 x5 x12 x3 ÷12 ÷7 x6


Day 5 -  remember to time yourself

53 46 78 32 64 47 94

x 7 x3 x9 ÷ 8 ÷ 8 x6 x8

When you’ve finished see how well you’ve improved over a 5 day period! You will be surprised especially if you keep up your learning at