Dyscalculia pronunciation.

Who the hell came up with Dyscalculia as a word???

Well it was those pesky Greeks and Latins. It means “counting badly”

The prefix “dys” comes from the Greek meaning “badly”.

The rest of the word “calculia” comes from Latin “calculare” meaning “to count”. Which is also related to “calculation” and “calculus”.

The below videos will help you with the Dyscalculia pronunciation, “one of the hardest words in the english language to pronounce!!”

Hopefully the videos helped you with the Dyscalculia pronunciation and you are now clearer.

Another way to remember this annoyingly difficult word - cut up the word Dyscalculia into sections and remember it with a funny story : Dys - I’m going to Diss my friend Cal. Cal fancies a girl called Culia (Culia, which rhymes with Julia) eg I’m going to Dys my friend Cal who fancies a girl called Culia.

If you need more help than Dyscalculia pronunciation look at our Dyscalculia solution or take one of our Dyscalculia tests.

Now you know how to pronounce Dyscalculia, we suggest spreading the word and talking to others about this condition that has gone unnoticed and under researched for years.

People need to know they aren’t STUPID with NUMBER they just need to be taught in a different way.