We (at dyscalculia.me) are also responsible for the learning site called Table Fables. We created TABLE FABLES to help all kids learn their tables - but we know that kids with math learning difficulties need TABLE FABLES more than most. Read our latest Testimonials.






Olena - Parent


It’s amazing, for my daughter it was as if a switch had been turned on suddenly she just ‘got it’ and then she was off!!

Table Fables is definitely the most fun way for kids to learn their time tables, the animations and characters are really funny and kids learn while having a good time. My son enjoys the challenges and is very pround to have his name on the VIP screen. By now, I can say that he is a time tables master !!

A Big Thanks to the Table Fables team.

My 7 year old daughter has been struggling with her times tables (especially x 8). She literally watched it for a bit last night, this morning and for 15 min tonight. She now knows her x 8 tables, which is just incredible! It was not only very fast, but it was also fun and easy to remember. She enjoyed the table fables so much, she asked to do it first thing this morning. I was very pleased. My daughter is also bilingual, so speaking English and Russian, and you just had to see the expression of amazement on her face when snowman spoke Russian... 

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product to help children learn effortlessly.

Melissa M - parent


Table Fables have been a godsend for my daughter – and indeed for me! – fun, memorable, visual narratives to really hammer home those times tables. Who knew a grumpy boomerang and a greedy snake could be so instrumental in my kid’s education.  Wish they’d been around in the Eighties!

Haley Enns - Primary School Teacher


Table Fables has increased the confidence of so many of the children in my Year 3 class. It's been amazing to watch the children progress with their time tables with regular Table Fable sessions. My students are now more able to solve 12 times table questions than most adults and I completely attribute this to Table Fables! The stories and characters captured their imaginations and the sessions were well organised and managed. It was a treat to participate in Table Fables sessions and I would whole heartedly recommend the program for any school.

Luca Gori - PARENT/Law ParTNer


I thought teaching maths with stories and characters was pointless as it added unnecessary complications. Yet my daughter who spent a couple of years studying the time tables with traditional methods had not yet mastered them. Then Matilda had four lessons using the Table Fables method and it has been an Epiphany. After the first lesson Matilda was excited about the stories and interested in the time tables, she wanted to be tested at every opportunity and at the end of the fourth lesson she was and remains on top of the timetables and proud of her knowledge. I am amazed how her brain has been unlocked by stories and characters in a field which one would not associate with story telling.

Alison Neale - Parent


I cannot recommend Table Fables enough. After only 4 sessions learning the Tables Fables system, Tilly (age 7) knows all her times tables and also can do division.

Tilly loved her sessions so much that she keeps asking if she can do more. Clearly the system is fun, effective and efficient and for Tilly, who knew no times tables before her Table Fables sessions, it has been nothing short of miraculous.

I wish this system had existed when my sons were learning their times tables and avoided a year of boring flash cards.

Thank you so much Table Fables!

Hannah WiJ - Parent


We have been hugely impressed with how quickly our daughter's times table knowledge has improved.  Table Fables has been a fun, unique and very successful way to learn. After four sessions with Becky, Grace went from the bottom level for times tables in her class all the way up to the top. Her confidence has improved and she happily recounts the stories to us as we practice with her. Thank you Table Fables