Dyscalculia in teenagers. Don't turn your back on maths - you can fix this!

If you chose mainly the top answers then it is likely that you are suffering from Dyscalculia or maths anxiety.

Don’t turn your back on Maths. We know it’s been a hard ride through childhood, going undiagnosed for so long - but now you know - this is where you take back control and start to master your own brain!

DO Mental Arithmetic :  Make yourself do mental maths. I know you will hate the idea but it will grow your brain (the brain NEVER stops growing so get to work NOW). Stop making excuses like “I hate maths” and “I’ll never be any good at it”. Fact is you need Math in every day life. Watch a video here about Neuroplasticity.


AREAS THAT NEED ATTENTION - you will feel super brainy if you dedicate just 5 minutes a day to this :


You NEED to know your number bonds (adding up to nearest 10 eg 7 + 3 or 43 + 27)

Visual Super Power : use this power to help you remember numbers. Replace numbers with characters and life becomes easier eg 3 is a mouse and 7 is a boomerang add them together to make 10.

Visual tools to help you : Number Bonds

Websites that work on phone :

Imagining & Game playing Super Power : Add the numbers on two car registration plates 3 times a day. Eg M742 VGR + G538 MTU = 1280



You NEED to know your Multiplication and Dividing off by heart. (I know it’s difficult and you hate doing it but there is help out there. Replace 5 minutes of social media with mental maths and you will feel 100% more intelligent in 17 days!!)

Visual & Exploring Super Power : use these super powers to find fun ways round remembering by rote which is very difficult for those with Math Dyslexia

Websites that work on phone and very visual :

Life : As you’re walking down the street look around for numbers. Once again car registration plates are great for this. Take two numbers from a car registration plate and MULTIPLY them together. Eg M742 VGR take the 7 & 4 and multiply them 7 x 4 = 28

A fun game to play to gain speed and accuracy is a version of Scissors, Paper, Stone - (Use both hands) instead of competing with scissors, paper or stone, release a number of fingers on hands eg you put up 7 fingers and your opponent puts up 6 fingers. The first person to work out 7 x 6 is the winner.


Your brain is plastic and will always GROW. Never believe you will be STUPID at MATHS forever. You can change your math dyslexia and grow your mathematical skills but start TODAY, not tomorrow. Don’t let dyslexia and math dyslexia stand in your way.