Math for Dyscalculia


BAD NEWS - Numbers could always be tricky for you!

GOOD NEWS - The definition of dyslexia or dyscalculia is that you have an above average intelligences.  You can think your way round this dyscalculia issue and be successful.

What resources are there for Math for Dyscalculia?

Bad News - not a lot!

Good News - below are some FUN resources you can use on yourself, with a class or with your child.

7 DAY CHALLENGE - You must get better at mental math and it will only take 7 days.


Math need not to be boring but MENTAL ARITHMETIC is essential. Below is a fun game to make sure you are faster at adding up to 10.


Eg 27 + 13 = ?

How do you do that?

You have to be good at number bonds which means adding up to 10.

1+9 = 10

2+8 = 10

3+7 = 10

4+6 = 10

5+5 = 10

Sites like Table Fables will help you with the basics using funny animation. Scientific studies have revealed that visual are a very affect way of processing information.

Game : Practice mental addition


1. Grab a pack of playing cards

2. Turn over 2 cards and add them together

3. Turn over another card and add that to previous card,

4. Keep turning over cards and adding them together until you have 10 in a row.

5. Time yourself and see if you can repeat this faster each time.



Math for Dyscalculia is more fun if practiced outside the class room.

Look at two car number plates and add the numbers together

eg [63 AAA] & [VU13 YND], add 63 + 13 = 76

TIPS - I thought I had to add the UNITS first but if you add the 10’s first it’s much easier for mental arithmetic. For written arithmetic it’s easier to add the units first.

Example 1

82 + 31 =

First add 8 + 3 = 11

Then add 2 + 1 = 3

Answer = 113

Example 2

If the numbers are too LARGE and you have to carry a number over :

Eg 78 + 84 = ?

First add 7 + 8 = 15

Then add 8 + 4 =  12 (You must add the 1 to the 5 to make 6)

Answer 162

Challenge yourself to add 5 cars number plates on the way to school and work and see if you can do faster each time.



Math is virtually impossible if you don’t know your multiplication and dividing facts. We can’t repeat enough YOU NEED TO KNOW THEM OFF BY HEART. I know that’s difficult but there are new technics which are super easy. Replace 10 minutes of Netflix /social media with mental math and you will feel 1000 % more intelligent.

TIPS : Go onto Table Fables were all numbers are represented by characters. The characters interact to create rude / funny stories. Who can’t remember a funny story? You will remember your Times Tables and dividing in 7 days.

Do 10 minutes for 7 days and you will know them all.

Netflix and Instagram will not make you feel like Einstein but knowing your Times Tables will. Get off social media and get learning NOW.


Math for Dyscalculia need not be boring - Promise this is fun.

Rules :

2 players needed

Use BOTH hands.

paper sissor stone times tables.jpg

Rock, paper, scissor Times Tables

Count to 3 and BOTH put out some fingers (needs to be more than 3 fingers unless playing with young children)

Example :

Player 1 puts out 7 fingers

Player 2 puts out 4 fingers

The first player to multiply the fingers eg 7 x 4  = 28 is the WINNER

Winner : The first to get 10 correct answers is the winner

Forfeits : The loser has to do 20 sit ups.

Get learning your Time Tables on comedy animation site Table Fables if you don’t know them and this game is impossible.



Memories telephone numbers - lets face it you will probably lose or forget your phone at some point! I continually do, short term memory loss is a symptom of Dyslexic & Dyscalculia! So this is a very practical game to get good at.

Neurosurgeon Larry McCleary says “Anything that has no meaning to you is tough to remember”. So you have to make things memorable.

Eg you can remember the word CAT very easily as we know what that looks like, you may have owned a cat or at least stroked one. But try and remember 8743, in half an hour or even 10 mins and you probably can’t as it has no meaning to us.

So how to remember a telephone number?

Tel no : 07814921945

IDEA 1 :

Look for patterns eg there are two dates in the number above 1492 and 1945.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus Discovered America

In 1945 the second world war ended

All you have to remember is the 078 at the front. Which could be my Grandmother is 78 and she loves history.

Voila you have just remembered the whole number “My grandmother is 78 and she loves history and Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 and the WW2 ended in 1945.

Repeat this a couple of times and you will remember it. Now you have a number memory like an elephant!

IDEA 2 :

TEL NO : 07814921945

Most brains can only hold a few numbers at a time and dyscalculia ones have more difficulty than most.

So we have to break them down into smaller chunks and makeup funny stories until you remember them eg

07 - when I was 7

81 - I ate 81 sweets &

49 - 49 pieces of dog food and vomited everywhere.

21 - When I was 21

99 - I released 99 balloons in the air but

45 - 45 of them burst and I cried

So the whole story would be - ‘When I was 7, I ate 81 sweets and 49 pieces of dog food vomiting everywhere. Then when I was 21, I released 99 balloons into the air but 45 of them burst and I cried.’

*repeat that a couple of times and you will easily remember that.

**You must make your stories rude, funny or unfortunately violent as that’s what our twisted brains remember the best!


Algebra I know fills you with fear but it won’t any more, especially if you know your times tables.


If you turn algebra into a Murder Mystery Game then no longer is it a scary equation but a fun mystery to solve. Find the missing number and YOU will have solved the mystery.

REMEMBER TO DO 10 mins - MULTIPLICATION & DIVIDING : on Table Fables it teaches using rude /funny animation so won’t bore you.

NOW do these algebra equations:

*TIPS : remember each side has to be equal =

(You can’t have 56 = 42 they are NOT the same they are NOT EQUAL )

So everything on one side as to be the same as the other side eg 56 = 56 or 42 = 42)

Example 1

Q : 2 x 7 = 4 + ?

What is the mystery number ?

First do 2 x 7 = 14

Now we have to make the other side = the same

14 = 4 + ?

What is ? It has to be 10

14 = 4 + 10

14 = 14

Mystery solved 10 was the murderer.

Example 2

Q : 8 x 7 = 50 + ?

What is the mystery number ?

First do 8 x 7 = (if you don’t know that go onto Table Fables - The boomerang chops the snowman’s head off and the answer is = 56. I will keep on at you until you learn your times tables they are essential!)

56 = 50 + ?

Now we have to make the other side = the same

56 = 50 + 6

56 = 56

Mystery solved 6 was the murderer.

Example 3

-3 + 2x = 11

What is the mystery number x

As the Detective you are allowed to move suspects around to see who is the murderer. So lets move -3 onto the other side of =. Now if we move -3 to the other side of = it has to change into +3. Think of it like moving someone in and out of jail, people change when they go in or out of jail from positive to negative.

So lets add +3 onto 11 on the right side.

Eg 2x = 11 + 3 = 14

So now we know 2x = 14

What is 2 x ? = 14

2 x 7 = 14


x Must be 7

NOW - go back to original equation and put in all the information you have learned.

Answer -3 + (2 x 7) = 11

So 7 was the mystery murderer. Nice work Detective.

This may take a bit of practice and working out but keep going and you will get their.

Try app : DragonBox Algebra for practice.

*Give yourself a treat if you get faster or even understand the above!

DAY 7 : MATH FOR DYSCALCULIA = DAY OF REST - You must be kidding!!


However You can lie in bed and do this but practice you must Young Maths Jedi

So lying in bed repeat anything from the previous days that you found hard.

Don’t do the stuff you found easy that WON’T help you.

Keep going with the hard stuff and your brain will grown, flourish and you may even become a Einstein genius.


Scientist have now proven that our brains are like plastic and will always GROW. Never believe you will be STUPID at MATH forever. You can change this and grow in your mathematical skills but start TODAY not tomorrow and all will be Ok.