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At Dyscalclulia.me we are working hard to create new tools to help teach a Dyscalculia mind. Sadly - not a lot of research has been done and resources are scarce. More than anything awareness levels are poor in schools and society and we believe not enough understanding or provisions are given to those with Dyscalculia. We are here to change all of that.

How can WE help YOU?

By following the suggestions we have made on this website and reviewing how to change attitudes and perspectives of those who have struggled for a longer time with Dyscalculia - positive changes can be made. Technology is going a long way to be able to help people with certain learning difficulties but we truly believe that schools should be teaching basic knowledge in a way that all students can understand - not just the neurotypical.

It break our hearts to imagine the opportunities lost to those who gave up on maths.

How can YOU help US?

Dyscalculia.me is all about hearing from you! We want to learn how you’ve managed to teach your brain things that people with Dyscalculia struggle with. Such as reading the time, being on time, reading a bus schedule or following a cooking recipe. We would love you to share the apps that help you in your every day life.

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