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PROBLEM : May have difficulties working out a plan to solve a maths problem.

SOLUTION : They hate doing this but it works. Get them to underline the main words. You can pay them in sweets or real money every time they underline a word. Once they have underlined the important words, get them to re-look at the problem and see if it makes sense?

PROBLEM : Greater than and less than are confusing concepts.  > <.

SOLUTION : Use a story. Greater than > and Less than < are like a crocodiles mouth. Whichever way the crocodile is facing the bigger number will eat the smaller number  eg 84 > 34 or 94 < 95. Crocodiles are GREEDY! The mouth will always face the bigger number. Easy.

eg Which pile of sweets is greater > than the other. Which pile of sweets is less than the other <. They get a sweet if they answer correctly. If you don’t want to use something sugary make use the objects are fun, not boring ones! eg pile of, bouncy balls, coins or rocks.

crocodiles greater than and less than, math learning disability solutions

Click on image below to print some crocs of your own!


PROBLEM: Will normally avoid playing games that involve numbers or maths.

SOLUTION : Play MORE games with them, one on one (1:1) so they don’t feel stupid about getting things wrong in front of siblings or friends. Get them to be the banker in monopoly so they practice counting money. Play dice games with them. Even a simple game of adding up two dice 10 x before they are allow on the computer helps them.

Patience is key (I know easier said than done) but try and think of something you find really hard eg your tax returns! Numbers are the same for a dyscalculia child, they will do anything to avoid them. Make sure they won’t look stupid in front of other family members or friends. So lots of one on one practice and they will gain confidence.


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