Dyscalculia Quiz - for adults with maths anxiety


So….you need our dyscalculia quiz - great idea! As we know when it comes to maths…

“Oh my effing God. It sucks. It sucks so much.

This is what it’s like.

It’s being a kid taking the CAT, and you score 95th percentile in Math Comprehension, and 5th percentile in Math Computation. ALL the rest of your scores are 90th+ percentile and a lot are 99s. But that damn Math Computation score. It mocks your pretensions to intelligence and competence. It glares. So anomalous it seems like it must be some kind of error. But it isn’t.

It’s never being able to trust any math you write out by hand because you might have accidentally turned a 3 into an 8 or some crap like that, somehow without noticing.

It’s being 33 and still not having the full multiplication tables memorized, and struggling to do simple math in your head.”

Jack Lurhstaap Romero - Quora excerpt.


Ask yourself some of the questions below :

  • Time keeping is an issue. Are you always late, rescheduling or running late?

  • Difficulty remembering a sequence of directions?

  • Very bad at recalling names but good at remembering faces. Swapping names beginning with the same letter.

  • Inconsistent results with mental arithmetic eg addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Working out change, restaurant tips and taxes are a real issue.

  • Inconsistent / slow at written arithmetic.

  • Bad at financial planning and money management - mainly because you don’t want to look at numbers and try and work it out.

  • Writing, reading and recalling numbers is problematic. Eg when someone says a telephone number do you find it impossible to recall and write the numbers down.

  • As for maths concepts forget it eg rules, formulas, sequencing and basic maths facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

  • Poor memory (retention and retrieval of facts). You might be ok at something one day and then the next completely forgotten. “Oh hell I can’t remember what how I did it yesterday?”

  • Children can often do math homework as they have more time to work things out but completely fail under the pressure of exam situation.

  • Poor ability to remember location eg where the oceans and the sea are, Where countries / states are on a map. “I know this street but how do I get to where I want to go?”

  • Absent minded. “I know I’ve come into this room to find something but I’ve got no clue what that is!!”

  • Learning formal music concepts are highly frustrating. Eg learning to read music and if you you do know that’s an A on the page where is the A on the piano, trumpet, guitar etc etc.

  • Remembering dance sequences are near impossible.

  • Keeping score in games is very difficult. Forgetting what the score is?? Whose turn was it?? Planning ahead in chess!!!!

  • Frequent maths anxiety

  • Using finger to count. “Fingers are very useful for counting, why can’t I use them??”

  • Numbers and maths seem like a foreign language..

If the answer to the majority of below dyscalculia QUIZ questions is YES for either yourself or your child, then you probably do have a Math Learning Disability.

Your reactions could be either :

1. “OMG I’m disabled, I knew it - how am I ever going to get a promotion?”

2. “That is absolute rubbish - who the hell wrote these idiotic questions anyway?”

3. ‘No way - that’s not me!” - Complete and utter denial (that’s the one I went for)

Once the news slowly sinks in and you are ok with it, all sorts of realisations will start to happen eg.  

A. “Maybe I’m not stupid after all and there is hope!!! Thank the Lord.”  

B. “Maybe if I was taught in a different way my Number Dyslexia brain might actually be able to understand maths and do mental arithmetic.”

C. “How do I begin to grow that part of my brain?” - Yes your brain is like plastic and can learn NEW things at ANY AGE

If you enjoyed this dyscalculia quiz then have a look at our 7 Day Funny Maths Program or www.tablefables.net to really cement the basics. it’s funny and helps loads of Dyscalculia sufferers.